What’s Your V/I Love Language?

You may have heard about the Five Love Languages® described by Dr. Gary Chapman. His book describes how individuals give and receive love and how to “speak” the other’s love language appropriately. While initially intended for couples, it has since expanded to the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. How you interact with your Visionary/Integrator™ counterpart becomes your V/I love language.

Appreciation in the Workplace

At work, love languages translate to taking different approaches to help people feel appreciated and valued in the workplace. Nowhere is this more important than in the V/I relationship.

By tailoring your tone and communication style to your counterpart’s “love language,” you create a positive relationship. This positive relationship translates into a clearer understanding with increased productivity and engagement. And, in turn, it sets the tone for the rest of the company’s interactions.

The five languages of appreciation in the workplace are:

1. Words of Appreciation

Rather than a generic public “thanks,” appreciation is more individualized. Someone who operates in this language needs a verbal expression of the value they bring to work. Offered spontaneously, Visionaries and Integrators should highlight the unique talents of their counterpart in a public setting.

2. Tangible Gifts

Instead of giving meaningless rewards (trophies, watches, generic company swag), well-thought-out gifts offer a personalized expression of appreciation. Warning: Few people operate in this language, as it can easily look like a bribe. The gift should be something valuable to the recipient, and the giver must explain the meaning behind the gift. Visionaries, in particular, should be careful not to turn this into a competition.

3. Quality Time

Quality time involves letting other people know you want to spend time with them. Whether just catching up, asking their opinion, or inviting them to join an event, it demonstrates your respect for your counterpart. Visionaries and Integrators should plan to spend “quality time” each month in Same Page Meetings™. 

4. Acts of Service

Show me the love! Demonstrate appreciation by rolling up your sleeves to help your counterpart with an activity or support their effort. The important part is to volunteer your service by asking where or how you can be most helpful. Even if they decline, know that people operating in this language appreciate the gesture if it’s authentic.

5. Physical Touch

You can see how this would work well in a romantic relationship, but the workplace makes this one tricky. Appropriate expressions could be a solid high five, a fist or elbow bump, or a pat on the back. In situations where these aren’t possible or appropriate, Visionaries and Integrators should strive to have a private signal to demonstrate appreciation sans touch.

Visionaries and Integrators serve as the dynamic duos that lead companies to greatness. Keeping that relationship solid and productive means learning each other’s “love language” and using it frequently. This demonstrates that you “get” your counterpart and appreciate their efforts.

Know what else is a Visionary/Integrator love language? The Rocket Fuel Power Index™! See how closely you align with your counterpart… and where you could use some extra appreciation.

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