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Inside Rocket Fuel University

Rocket Fuel 101

creating a strong foundation

Rocket Fuel 101 provides video-based learning modules to help you Crystallize the Rocket Fuel framework to better understand the Visionary/Integrator structure & relationship. Understanding the V/I relationship and creating a strong foundation with your counterpart is vital for maximizing your Rocket Fuel power.

LaunchPad Community

Join Rocket Fuel's Private Community

Welcome to Rocket Fuel’s centralized community! This is our private community of like-minded individuals who are all on the same mission: become truly great in their role and continue to drive their organizations to hit and exceed their respective goals.

You’ll be able to make valuable connections and learn from one another. Utilize the power of the community to help you continue developing yourself and your business.


Get Unstuck & Build Rocket Fuel

You’ll have the opportunity to receive valuable and insightful feedback directly from the Rocket Fuel team! You’ll receive personalized issue solving, and you can submit questions in advance (answered LIVE), and Q&As will be recorded for your convenience.

Who should Enroll in Rocket Fuel University?



Rocket Fuel is not possible without you, the Integrator. You're the missing ingredient that allows visions become a reality. Become truly great as an Integrator by connecting and learning from others in your same role.



Visionaries, you've taken a big step for your organization simply by identifying yourself as a Visionary and accepting the value that your Integrator can provide. Continue down your Rocket Fuel mastery.


EOS Implementers

We know many of our V/I duos are using the EOS operating system for their business. We welcome EOSi's inside the Rocket Fuel University community so you can learn and interact to better serve your clients.



Maximizing the Power of your Visionary/Integrator Duo.
  • Access to Rocket Fuel 101: Crystallizer Course
  • Office Hours Q&A, Hosted by Rocket Fuel
  • Access to the Rocket Fuel LaunchPad Community
  • Eligibility for the Integrator Academy Masterclass

Money Back Guarantee


100% Secure Information


Both! The course modules are designed to help both Visionaries and Integrators crystallize their roles and understanding on how they can make Rocket Fuel work for their business.

Our community is made up of both Visionaries & Integrators, and both are welcome to join our Live Q&As!

Yes, all RFU enrollees will be required to complete and pass the 10-question assessment inside Rocket Fuel 101. This is an important step to ensure the quality of our community remains how.

We are committed to your satisfaction, and a part of that is making sure that everyone inside the LaunchPad & Live Q&As are speaking the same language and understand Rocket Fuel’s core concepts & principles. 

Yes! We value our Integrator Masterclass graduates and would love for you to play a pivotal role in our community. We have a special offer for you; please reach out to [email protected] if you are an Integrator Academy Masterclass graduate.

Course completion time will differ depending on how much time you need to absorb the material, but we estimate you should allocate 1-2 hours to complete the course modules and subsequent course assessment. 

Yes! All future Integrator Academy Masterclass cohorts will be delivered inside Rocket Fuel University. You’ll need to be enrolled in Rocket Fuel U at the time of commencement in order to be eligible.

Yes, we offer a 7-day refund from the purchase date if we do not reach your satisfaction. Our Rocket Fuel committment is to always ensure your expectations are met and/or exceeded. 

We offer a monthly subscription, so you’ll also be able to cancel anytime if for any reason you do not want to continue with RFU.

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