Become Certified as an
Integrator™ by Rocket Fuel

Launching on June 15th:


Certification Pathway

Integrate the Major Functions of a Business

Build Team Health & Create a Thriving Culture
Leverage Process to Increase Efficiency & Impact
Create Cross-Departmental Alignment

Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions

The Professional/Certified Integrator™ program will provide Integrators with the competencies needed to be experts in their role. An Integrator with these designations (Professional and Certified) have had the training necessary to confidently partner with a Visionary to create Rocket Fuel for an organization.

Requirements for Integrator™ Designations

Professional Integrator™

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Quarterly Professional/Certified Event w/ Rocket Fuel Team
  • Private Community for Professional Integrators
  • Rocket Fuel University Access
  • Active enrollment in the Pro/Cert program
  • Attend 4 Live Coaching Calls & 1 Quarterly Event per year
  • Be a good citizen of the Pro/Cert Integrator community

Certified Integrator™

  • Attend 1 Quarterly Professional/Cert Event
  • Attend 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Complete a 1:1 Interview with the Rocket Fuel Leadership team which concludes with certification approval decision
  • Active enrollment in the Pro/Cert program
  • Attend 6 Live Coaching Calls & 2 Quarterly Events per year
  • Be a good citizen of the Pro/Cert Integrator community

Become Certified as an Integrator™

Previous Masterclass graduates, sign up for the waitlist now!

The Pro/Cert Program is currently scheduled to be released in October 2020. If you’re a previous Integrator Academy Masterclass graduate or attended a Live Mastery Forum, it’s likely you may already be eligible for the program once it’s available.

Join the waitlist and we’ll send you an application as soon as the program is announced.


Professional/Certified Integrator™ program

Rocket Fuel

The gateway for all things Rocket Fuel. Inside Rocket Fuel Unviersity, you’ll have access to our private V/I community, monthly coaching calls, and the Rocket Fuel 101 course, which serves as a pre-requisite for  Certification.

Integrator™ Academy Masterclass 2.0

Every quarter, Rocket Fuel launches Msterclass cohorts for all Integrators who are interested in Certification. The Integator Masterclass provides high level competencies around LMA, Issue Solving, People Management and so much more!

Professional Integrator™ /
Certified Integrator™

Once you’ve completed an Integrtor Academy Masterclass cohort, you’ll be inviting to apply for the Pro/Cert program. Inclusion in this program will provide you with monthly Professional coaching calls, and access to Rocket Fuel’s quarterly events. There is separate critera for reaching and mainting bost a Professional Integrator™ and Certified Integrator™ designation.

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