Become an Official Certified EOS® Integrator™

Designed for Integrators who have graduated from the EOS Integrator Masterclass™ and are wanting to earn the distinction of Professional or Certified EOS Integrator™

Certification Pathway

The Professional/Certified Integrator program will provide Integrators with the competencies needed to be experts in their role. An Integrator with these designations (Professional and Certified) have had the training necessary to confidently partner with a Visionary to create Rocket Fuel for an organization.

Integrate the Major Functions of a Business

Build Team Health & Create a Thriving Culture
Leverage Process to Increase Efficiency & Impact
Create Cross-Departmental Alignment

Why become a Professional or Certified EOS Integrator?

Earning these designations opens up exciting new opportunities and benefits: 

Requirements for EOS Integrator Designations

Professional EOS Integrator™

GWC™ the EOS Integrator “seat” and exhibit continual growth towards EOS mastery by:

  1. Being an active member of Rocket Fuel Universities Launch Pad Community
  2. Graduated from the Integrator Masterclass (Previously graduating from the in-person Integrator Mastermind Forum also counts)
  3. Applied to the Integrator Certification program and being approved by the Rocket Fuel team
  • Continuous membership in RFU at $500/month
      • Includes 2 QIEs per year
        • one being the Annual QIE which is held the week of the EOS Conference in the same location
      • Monthly Live Discussion Forums

Certified EOS Integrator™

Professional EOS Integrator who has done the following:

  • Attended 1 Quarterly Integrator Exchange (QIE) in the prior 2 quarters
  • Attended 2 monthly Discussion Forums (live) in the prior 2 quarters
  • After those two things, schedule call with Rocket Fuel team
    • 1-1 interview with Rocket Fuel team to determine certification status
  • Continuous membership
  • Attend 6 monthly Discussion Forums
  • Attend 2 Quarterly Integrator Exchanges (QIE) per year (one being the Annual prior to the EOS Conference)

Designations are reviewed quarterly, on a rolling 4 quarters basis.

Become Certified as an Integrator™

Previous Masterclass graduates, apply now!

Integrators will now be able to further master their roles and responsibilities by achieving official Professional and Certified EOS Integrator designations — the perfect step after completing an Integrator Masterclass.

As a graduate of the Integrator Masterclass, Integrator Mastery Forum, or Integrator Academy Masterclass, you are eligible to apply to become a Professional or Certified EOS Integrators.

EOS Integrator Masterclass and Certification Pricing


for each EOS Integrator Masterclass in 2021


for Pro/Certified Designation program

Rocket Fuel Open House

October 25, 2021

2:00-3:00 PM EST

Attend our hour-long virtual open house to find out how Rocket Fuel can help you as a Visionary or Integrator do great things in your business.