The Crystallizer Assessment™

Find your place on the Visionary/Integrator™ spectrum. Designed for entrepreneurial leaders looking to crystallize their Personal Focus.

Who's it for?

#2 Leaders of entrepreneurial organizations who want to find where they are on the Integrator spectrum before registering for the Integrator Mastery Forum™

Visionaries who want to find areas where an Integrator can bring them more entrepreneurial freedom

About the Assessment

Rate your answers to 40 questions on a scale of 1 to 5 to see where your unique skills place you on the Visionary/Integrator spectrum.

As an Integrator

After receiving your results, register for the upcoming Integrator Masterclass so you can then join us in the Integrator Mastery Forum™.

As a VIsionary

Register to attend monthly IDS calls with other Visionaries or Visionary/Integrator duos.

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