Become a Member of the Integrator Mastery Forum

You deserve a community of peers who are on your level and this is it! Those who have graduated from Integrator Masterclass are eligible to apply for this exclusive peer group. 

Certification Pathway

The Professional/Certified Integrator program will provide Integrators with the competencies needed to be experts in their role. An Integrator with these designations (Professional and Certified) have had the training necessary to confidently partner with a Visionary to create Rocket Fuel for an organization.

Integrate the Major Functions of a Business

Build Team Health & Create a Thriving Culture
Leverage Process to Increase Efficiency & Impact
Create Cross-Departmental Alignment

Why Join the Integrator Mastery Forum?

Distinguish yourself as a member of the exclusive community for Integrators.

Criteria for Integrator Mastery Forum

Pro Integrator Mastery Forum Member

  1. Can fully engage with the IMF Community:
    • Attend QIEs*
    • Participate in Monthly Collaborative Calls 
  2. Get access to and be listed in the IMF Contact List
  3. Can participate in the Slack workspace
  4. Can use IMF member badge (based on your membership level)
  5. Listed on the IMF Directory
  6. Can access “The EOS Integrator Hub” in Rocket Fuel University

*Registration to 2 QIEs per year is included in monthly membership

  • GWC™ the Integrator “seat” and exhibit continual growth on your journey to mastery by:
  • Being a member of the Rocket Fuel Community
  • Graduating from the Integrator Masterclass
  • Application to join the IMF Community is approved
  • Positively participating in QIEs (Quarterly Integrator Exchanges) during 1 of the previous 4 quarters*
  • *Annual QIE is mandatory (2022 – April)
  • Positively participating in monthly live Collaborative Calls during 3 of the previous 12 months

Advanced Integrator Mastery Forum Member

  1. Will be recognized as a seasoned expert by peers, clients, and others in the broader EOS Community
  2. Can use the IMF advanced member badge
  3. Can contribute to official publications such as blogs
  4. Eligible to be considered for speaking opportunities within the community.
  5. Listed first on the IMF Directory

To achieve Advanced membership status, members of IMF must also:

  • Have experience working as an Integrator for at least 3 years
  • Currently be working as an Integrator or have been within the prior 12 months
  • Positively participate in QIEs (Quarterly Integrator Exchange) during 2 of the previous 4 quarters* 
    1. *Annual QIE is mandatory (2022 – April)
  • Positively participating in monthly live Collaborative Calls during 4 of the previous 12 months

If at any time, EOSW believes you are damaging our brand and/or the Integrator Mastery Forum Community, you will lose your membership and be removed from IMF.

Designations are reviewed quarterly, on a rolling 4 quarters basis.

Become a Member of the Community

Previous Masterclass graduates, apply now!

Integrators will now be able to further master their roles and responsibilities by joining the Integrator Mastery Forum – the perfect step after completing an Integrator Masterclass.

As a graduate of the Integrator Masterclass, Integrator Academy Masterclass, or the former Integrator Mastery Forum (2015-2017) you are eligible to apply to join the forum.

Integrator Mastery Forum Pricing


for Pro/Advanced Integrator Mastery Forum membership

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