Navigating the EOS One Launch

As we introduce EOS One to our user communities, explore this comprehensive FAQs guide tailored for our Integrator Mastery Community. Discover answers to frequently asked questions, get clarity on the strategy behind EOS One, and equip yourself with EOS One details to help educate your team. 

Use this as your go-to resource as you explore the difference EOS One can make in your business. 


  • Early adopters’ can sign up for EOS One right now and get a free account and a 30-day free trial at app.eosone.com. Current pricing is $10/month/user thereafter.
  • For EOS One Beta users, EOS Worldwide will provide updates about the Beta sunset and transition plan.
  • All EOS One Beta users will have at least 90 days to transition their data to the new platform (please note there is no automated solution for data transfer).


  • EOS One’s quick-start digital format provides accessibility to begin running on EOS for entrepreneurs who have not read Traction or collaborated with an EOS Implementer®.
  • EOS One software will improve the end-user experience across our digital ecosystem (e.g. Web Platform), supporting pure EOS implementation and rollout, and helping to protect and support EOS as the #1 business operating system.
  • Eventually, EOS One will be an all-in-one solution for education, engagement, training and support, and event registration.
  • The new, replatformed EOS One software will formally launch in the United States in April 2024. An international waitlist and learnings from the beta version of EOS One will influence the sequence and timing of these releases.
  • The new product was “soft launched” in December 2023 at app.eosone.com as a paid subscription. We are continuing to develop, test, and optimize the software through paying “early adopters” for more accurate, meaningful feedback. 
  • The first editions of the Accountability Chart and V/TO will be tested and launched in Q1 2024. Features will continue to be added to these tools over several months.  
  • EOS One Beta is now officially closed to new sign-ups and is no longer in development.
  • Current EOS One Beta clients will eventually need to stop using the software and create a new organization on the replatformed EOS One. There is no automatic or supported data transfer solution available.
  • We recommend that you run at least one Level 10 Meeting™ with your Leadership Team before inviting others into the new software. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the user experience and learn how to best populate data across departments. The ideal time to shift is near a quarterly transition when resetting Rocks and re-evaluating Scorecard measurables.
  • Today, the new EOS One is only open to users based in the United States. Soon, we will release plans for international users.
  • EOS One will formally launch with the five EOS Foundational Tools in April 2024, including features that prioritize and reinforce EOS purity. 
  • Further depth of functionality and more tools and features will evolve. Please reference our robust EOS One product roadmap that is designed to greatly enhance the product and user experience. 
  • Because EOS One is being built to deliver pure EOS implementation, features offered will be unique to this platform, and not necessarily match features of other available software platforms. Customer feedback will drive prioritization, not necessarily what other products in the marketplace offer. 
  • Currently, we do not offer a specific discount for nonprofit organizations.
  • We appreciate the importance of making EOS One even more accessible, however, so the topic is a consideration for our future product roadmap.
  • Training user communities will be a part of the EOS One rollout plan. Watch your IMF newsletter and Slack channel for IMF-specific training opportunities. 
  • First, visit our EOS One Roadmap for the latest updates and new feature rollout plans. You may also submit an idea through this page as well.
  • You may also email [email protected] to provide EOS One feedback and suggestions.
  • EOS One is a software-as-a-service solution built upon an enterprise-level secure infrastructure. All EOS One data is encrypted and stored in U.S.-based third-party data centers that are SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS certified, and all systems maintain detailed audit logs. 
  • For information about how EOS One may collect, process, and use your personal data and our practices with respect to the placement of cookies, please see our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms & Conditions.
  • For more information on EOS One security, contact us at [email protected].
  • EOS One is currently designed and built as a desktop browser-based experience. A mobile EOS One app is on the horizon. We do not have an estimated launch date at this time. 
  • Note that the current web application will function on a mobile browser. While some modifications for mobile responsiveness have been made, it is not currently optimized for mobile use. 

If you have had a Focus Day, you can immediately input Rocks, build an Accountability Chart, and run your weekly Level 10 Meetings in EOS One.

  • EOS One users can access 24/7 support through our EOS One Help Center. If additional assistance is needed, users can reach out to [email protected] and expect a response within one business day.



OCTOBER 16, 2024


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