Today, I want to talk to you about what we call Helicopter Visionaries.

Here’s my concept of helicopters. I’ve ridden in one but haven’t been around them a lot – I tend to think of helicopters in old movies. I think about a helicopter coming in for a landing with its blades whipping around. Everybody is ducking their heads. Stuff is flying everywhere. It’s just windy and chaotic.

That’s why the term Helicopter Visionary is so appropriate. It’s a situation we get when our Visionary is not fully participating in the process. We have lots of End Runs™ going on and the Visionary is tampering. A term that’s become popular of late is actually “Seagull Managing” – where the team is focused and trying to do the right thing but the Visionary flies in and just craps all over the place and flies away.

I want you to know that behavior is so disruptive to a team who’s trying to do the right thing. They’re trying to look out for the greater good and long term of the company. The irony of this situation is that by the Visionary just doing whatever they want – they’re unlikely to get what they want to get from their business. You have a choice as the Visionary. You can do what’s best for the company or what’s best for you.

The bottom line is that Visionaries make this thing work. They take it to the next level. So, we need you engaged. Engagement is simply this: If you will use the Five Rules and the Five Tools, and commit to really being a part of that process, you will get what you want.

Three key ideas to wrap this one up:

  1. Decide. Is it what’s going to be best for you, or what’s best for the company?
  2. You must get engaged.
  3. Use the Five Tools and the the Five Rules to get engaged.

Come see us on RocketFuelNow.com. Take the Visionary and Integrator assessments. See where you’re great. See where you could use some help. We’ve been having some great discussions with other Visionaries & Integrators over on LinkedIn and Facebook. Regardless of where you are in your process, I encourage you to join the conversation! And finally, read Rocket Fuel. If you’ve already read Rocket Fuel, and you liked it, we’d love to see a review from you on Amazon. We’d really love to hear what you think.

Until next time, Go ROCKET!



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