Rocket Fuel University FAQ


A. Rocket Fuel offers several programs and opportunities that will challenge you to grow and become the best Visionary or Integrator you can be.

A. You’ll want to start by taking the Rocket Fuel 101 course which is a two-hour training video with assessment where you will learn about the Rocket Fuel formula. 

From there, join the Launch Pad community. Here you will be able to participate in monthly peer group meetings led by Professional EOS Implementers® for personal issue solving and Q&A.

If you are an Integrator™ who has passed Rocket Fuel 101 and joined the Launch Pad community, you can then move on to take either the virtual or In-person Integrator Masterclass where we’ll dig into all things Integrator. Virtually, you’ll have access to 70 self-paced, online-lessons, discussion forums, and access to a private community. In-person, you will spend a day with the Rocket Fuel team learning the same content and participating in discussions.

Once you graduate from Integrator Masterclass, you can apply for the EOS Integrator Certification program. Once your application is approved and you officially join, you will be able to claim your designation, “Professional EOS Integrator”. You will be able to attend Quarterly Integrator Exchanges (QIE’s), be a member in the EOS Integrator community, and have first access to upcoming Rocket Fuel resources.

After you’ve been in the Professional EOS Integrator role for at least four months, have attended a QIE in the last two quarters, attended two discussion forums in the last two quarters, and had a successful interview with the Rocket Fuel team, you will be upgraded to the “Certified EOS Integrator” designation.

Rocket Fuel 101/Launchpad

A. Visionaries and Integrators crystallizing their role, looking to connect with peers.

A. No. However, it may accelerate your learning. Rocket Fuel can be a great introduction to EOS if you are considering it.

Integrator Masterclass

A. The Masterclass is tailored to Integrators who want to take their skills to the next level! We encourage Visionaries to send their Integrators to this course.

A.  Think of this class as an extension to the Rocket Fuel book. We will spend the first few modules doing a recap of the teachings of the book and Rocket Fuel 101. Then, we will take a deep dive into:

    1. The 5 Rules™ and 5 Tools™
    2. How best to help your Visionary
    3. V/I Connector Scores
    4. 3-Piece Puzzle
    5. The Rocket Fuel Power Index™

A. While strongly encouraged, it is not a requirement to read the book first. It is required as a prerequisite that you join the free Rocket Fuel community and pass the Rocket Fuel 101 assessment.

A. The content covered will be the same. It all comes down to personal preference if you’d like to spend 4 weeks studying via recorded lessons, attending weekly discussion forums and interacting with your cohorts via Slack or if you’d rather learn in-person with the opportunity to interact face-to-face with your cohorts and coach teaching the course.

EOS Integrator Certification Program

A. Integrators who are committed to their craft and want to be a part of an ongoing learning community

A. As an Integrator, you will be working with the people, the issues, and the possibilities day in and day out. Your Implementer will continue to be your resource to keep you on track, but as an Integrator, you will be tackling the issues everyday.

A.The biggest benefit to joining is the community. We’ve seen it again and again that EOS communities are always a major contributor to success. You will have access to a group of people who are in similar roles or positions as you. A community where you can build relationships with one another to solve issues together and continue to learn and grow. You’ll have access to a private Slack channel where you can regularly communicate as a group. You’ll also get to see these people two to four times a year at QIE’s.
se people two to four times a year at QIE’s.

A.  A Quarterly Integrator Exchange (QIE) is a  full day of collaboration and interaction with other members of the Professional Integrator Community. Professional EOS Integrators from around the country gather to reconnect, learn, share ideas, and resolve questions and real-world issues so they can deliver even more value to their individual organizations.  It is an opportunity to pursue and grow in Integrator mastery by helping one another along the journey.

Membership in the Certification Program includes attendance at two QIEs per year.

A.  The Hub is your online portal to access all of the resources you may need as a Professional or Certified EOS Integrator. You will be able to register for upcoming QIEs, download badges, access additional training resources, and join the EOS Integrator Slack channel.

EOS Integrator Masterclass and Certification Pricing


for each EOS Integrator Masterclass in 2021


for Pro/Certified Designation program

Join Me Live in Dallas for the EOS Integrator™ Masterclass!

January 19th, 2022

For Integrators who want to take their skills to the next level.

Mark C. Winters

Co-author of Rocket Fuel