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Designed for Visionaries and Integrators crystallizing their role and looking to join a community of peers

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As a Visionary or Integrator, we know your time is limited and valuable. We’ve simplified joining Rocket Fuel University so, in a matter of minutes, you can be part of this powerful peer group that was designed to help you fine-tune your skills and thrive in your role.

Begin by taking the Crystallizer Assessment. Once your role is clear, you can move forward and join Rocket Fuel University. It’s a free community where you can connect with others and learn skills that will take your V/I duo to the next level.

Why should I join the RFU Community?

Rocket Fuel 101

Crystallize the Core Concepts and Connect With Like-Minded Peers

Video-based learning modules bring the Rocket Fuel concepts into sharp focus and clarify the Visionary/Integrator relationship, while the LaunchPad and live Q&As create comradery and give you the support you need while implementing the RFU 101 teachings and beyond.


Solve Issues in Real-Time

Office Hours provides insightful guidance and feedback directly from the Rocket Fuel team! Having Visionaries AND Integrators™ on the same call provides a uniquely dynamic experience. Here you can engage with coaches and peers during live, personalized issue solving. (Sessions are always recorded for your convenience.)

LaunchPad Community

Engage with other Visionaries & Integrators™

Rocket Fuel’s communities connect Visionaries and Integrators just like you. We are all on the same mission: become truly great in our roles while driving our organizations to hit and exceed our goals.

Tap into the power of the community to help you conquer your biggest issues and level-up as a leader.

LaunchPad Community


Private, monthly 90-minute peer group meetings hosted, taught, and facilitated by Professional EOS Implementers®. Sessions include separate community forums for Visionaries and Integrators. All sessions provide the ability for real-time Q&A and live instruction from the EOS Rocket Fuel team.


Visionaries and Integrators who have passed Rocket Fuel 101 and seek personalized issue-solving sessions, recorded training sessions, and the ability to get a richer perspective from experienced leaders.
Note: Membership to the EOS Integrator Community is a prerequisite for EOS Integrator Masterclass and Certification programs.


  • Welcome Segue
  • Guest Speaker / Educational Content from dedicated Rocket Fuel team
  • Live breakout Q&A sessions facilitated by Professional EOS Implementers 
  • Nuggets & Conclude



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April 19th, 2022

For Integrators who want to take their skills to the next level.

Mark C. Winters

Co-author of Rocket Fuel