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Monday, November 7, 2022


Masterclass Updates

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Interested in staying for Quarterly Integrator Exchange™ (QIE™)?

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Bridgewater Bank has provided us with additional information regarding their parking and transportation. 

Bridgewater Bank
4450 Excelsior Blvd, UNIT 100
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

There is parking available on the surface lot and P1 ramp. Entrances to both are located off Excelsior Blvd and Monterey Drive. Limited parking is also available on the streets surrounding Bridgewater Bank’s Corporate Headquarters. Upon entering the building, please join us on the 2nd floor. The elevators are located to the right of the main entrance. If entering from P1, head to the middle of the ramp to find the elevators.

What should I wear?

Business Casual


Helpful Information

  1. Make sure you have completed the Rocket Fuel 101 Video Series and passed the assessment. 
  2. Watch the first two modules of Integrator Masterclass video content, now available in your course area. These modules serve as a review of Rocket Fuel 101 and will be great preparation for our time together so we don’t have to review Rocket Fuel basics together at Masterclass. 
  3. Complete the Crystallizer Assessment and have your Visionary complete it as well. Bring a copy of your results along with your Visionary’s results to the session for review during the Connector Score portion of the Masterclass. You can find a PDF of the Crystallizer Assessment in Module 1: Crystallizer Assessment.
  4. Join the Integrator Slack channel and introduce yourself to fellow Integrators. This Slack channel will be live for the duration of the cohort and will end 30 days after. This channel will be a great way for you to connect and share contact information with your fellow cohort Integrators!  
  5. Start thinking through the most pressing issues that you want to bring to our IDS™ session.
  6. Skim or re-read portions of Rocket Fuel.
  7. Determine if you’ll stay for the Integrator Mastery Forum’s Quarterly Integrator Exchange on the following day. Remember, you must apply to be a part of the Integrator Mastery Forum to attend. 
  8. New to EOS? Download a copy of 20+ EOS Terms to review ahead of the class. This e-book will help you with all of the EOS terms and definitions.

We use these ground rules to keep the course efficient and provide you with the best learning experience.

  1. No theory – Only stick to your lived experiences.
  2. Wear your Integrator hat – After all, you are an Integrator!
  3. Safe space – No self-promoting and no recruiting, and what’s said in the room stays in the room.
  4. No sidebars – Stay focused on the content at hand.
  5. Break together – This will keep the day as efficient as possible. 
  6. No electronics -Except for tablets. Physically writing helps you take in more.

Integrator Mastery Forum (IMF) is our membership-based learning community of Integrators focused on Mastery, Community, and Distinction. IMF keeps you engaged with the community and gives you access to a wide range of benefits, including the ability to attend the Quarterly Integrator Exchanges (QIE). A summary of the IMF benefits and criteria can be found here.

Next Steps

  1. Apply to join IMF. We can approve your IMF application with a pending status in anticipation of your Masterclass graduation on July 20. Plan now to join IMF and attend. 
  2. Look for our approval email with an invitation to sign up by initiating your membership in the Hub – the online base for all things IMF.
  3. Complete your registration for QIE in the Hub.

You will have 30-day access to the Integrator Masterclass video content after the day ends. You can access this content in the course area. We encourage you to use it as a reminder of what you learned on-site.

Quarterly Integrator Exchange

QIE is a rich, sharpening, nine-hour day of collaborative interaction with IMF community members from around the world.



OCTOBER 16, 2024


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