Jamie Munoz

What is the name of your organization?
Virtual Luxe Atelier

How long has your organization been operating with Rocket Fuel?
Since 2015

What does your organization specialize in?
I specialize in working with companies who are self-implementing EOSTM and are in need of a fractional Integrator. I have a passion for coaching LMA TM, documenting processes and mentoring Integrators on how to be more effective and successful in their seat.

What is one piece of advice you would give a Visionary and/or Integrator?
Take the Rocket Fuel Power Index quarterly with your Visionary and talk through the results together to ensure that you stay on the same page and work on strengthening your relationship.

What was your life like before and after you began operating with Rocket Fuel?
Before Rocket Fuel, my Visionary and I were not always on the same page. Rocket Fuel gave us the tools to work on our relationship and communication and gave us a way to easily gauge where we could improve.

What is ONE thing that impacted you the most from being part of Rocket Fuel University?
Everyone in the community is open to lending their knowledge, connecting and helping one another from the perspective of both Visionaries and Integrators. The Rocket Fuel community brings us all together and Mark C. Winters is a badass at simplifying the concepts to easily executable principles.

What has been the biggest benefit of using Rocket Fuel?
I believe that when you have a strong V/I relationship, it sets a tone and precedence for the culture and the overall success of the company.

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