Keri Kuiper

What is the name of your organization?
All Contractor Marketing

How long have you been implementing Rocket Fuel?
1 Year

What does your organization specialize in?
We specialize in HVAC Co-Op Marketing nationwide. We have assisted HVAC dealers with gaining market share through digital and traditional marketing services since 2006.

What is one piece of advice you would give a Visionary and/or Integrator?
Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other Integrators that understand the issues you might be facing. They had advice (that has worked) and wisdom that I could draw from to utilize on a daily basis.

What was your life like before and after you implemented Rocket Fuel?
Before Rocket Fuel we had many disconnects and what appeared to be disorganization due to not understanding the roles of a Visionary and Integrator. Once we implemented RF it was clearer to see why things were happening and we gained clearer direction. Our Visionary had many ideas daily that he wanted us to run with. We were able to take and label them as Rocks and distribute them into the sectors they belonged. It gave us a clear model of what we were working with as well as a timeline for implementation.

What is ONE thing that impacted you the most from being part of Rocket Fuel University?
The opportunity to connect with other Integrators that understood the issues at hand. They had advice (that worked) and wisdom that I could draw from to utilize on a daily basis.

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